No sleep for the wicked

Once when I was 3 or 4, my mom put me away for nap time….only I didn’t want to take a nap.  So instead, I played with my mom’s hairbrush.  I was probably playing princess or something, I don’t remember all the details.  But I got this hairbrush stuck in my hair and I couldn’t get it out.  I remember it hurt so bad but I was scared to go downstairs and tell my mom I wasn’t napping.

That’s the thing, I’ve never really liked sleeping.

I don’t like turning off the TV or putting down my book in order to be dead to the world for 6-8 hours.  I don’t usually nap, I don’t sleep in.  I just sleep the minimum amount I need to and then I wake up and do something more fun.

The catch with this is I’m someone who really needs her sleep…otherwise I get cranky and sick.  I’m 22, I’ve realized my limits and figured out what has worked for me.

But since I moved to this small town, I haven’t been sleeping at all.  I’ve been watching a lot of criminal minds and I’ve convinced myself there’s someone breaking into my house.  This is a community where people leave their keys in their trucks and houses unlocked, so I’m probably safe.  But I think it’s the mind game of getting comfortable here.  Plus J has been gone so I’ve been alone and Octane isn’t exactly a guard dog.

I love drinking my sleepytime tea, which definitely helps, but not enough.  I’m not one of those people who can take tylenol PM or zzquil just to fall sleep because I get CRAZY dreams! Does anyone else get crazy dreams when they take something to help them sleep?  It just takes sometime to learn where you are and get comfortable before to sleep well there.  I’m really starting to get a headache, which means I’m getting sick.  Of course.

Oh, and my mom wasn’t mad that I wasn’t taking a nap, the point of nap time was for me to take some quiet time to calm down and probably for her to have some alone time without 3 young girls.  And she helped me take the brush out of my hair.

Any tips on how to help me sleep better would be greatly appreciated!


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