And The Oscar Goes To…

The Oscars is my favorite award show.  The celebrities are glamorous, the movies were great and I wish I was there.  But since my invitation got lost in the mail, I decided to have my own Oscar viewing party.

I made ballots all my guests filled out when they arrived so then we could have a friendly competition for who got the most correct.  I hadn’t seen too many of the movies.  I usually try to watch all of the Best Picture nominees, but this year I couldn’t find anywhere to rent the movies this year.  If a movie is not old enough to be on Netflix or new enough to be in Redbox, there’s no where to watch it.  Either way, most of the people had no idea about any of the movies so it wasn’t too much competition.  J won with 8 correct and I got second place with 7.

I thought there was some great fashion on the red carpet last night too.  I always watch red carpets and I felt that most of the dresses were a hit last night.  The Oscars are more formal than other awards shows so no one really takes any risks, but everyone hit the nail on the head last night with their picks.

I really like Neil Patrick Harris as an actor and overall person and I thought he did a great job last night.  The thing where he put his predictions in a box and had Octavia Spencer watch the box the whole time and then kept going back to the box was a little much.  Every host does some stupid things though, so he had to.  But he definitely had some good one liners that were situational that shows just how naturally funny he is.

Everyone brought some snacks, we had onion dip, rotel dip, 2 pans of brownies, crab rolls and beer dip.  We really do love dip.  I had bought wine for the group, there was 7 of us so I bought a large bottle and 2 small ones, thinking that would be enough.  My friends brought like 4 more and we drank most of them.  Woof.  Also, one girl brought a bottle that we didn’t drink and she brought it home.  I get it, you bought it and since we didn’t drink it, but I thought that was kind of rude.  What’s the etiquette on that?

But overall the party was a success.  There was laughing, cheering and upsets, but I think people had fun.  The wine was flowing and there was plenty of chatter.  I like having people over like that.  Hopefully were getting the reputation as a party house so people know it’s real.

Did you watch the Oscars last night?


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