Fitness rut

I’m in a rut.

I have less than 6 months until my wedding and we officially booked the honeymoon, but I have not seen any of the results from my training program I had planned on by now.  I’ve been set back a little bit with my knee injury this week, but I make sure I’m watching what I eat even more since I can’t go to the gym.  I don’t want to do anything crazy, I just wanted to lose 10 pounds and a little ‘jiggle’ — so far my progress is 2 pounds.  I know muscle weighs more than fat, and I think I have definitely gained muscle and lost fat, but I should have also lost some weight.  I didn’t have that much muscle to start with.

I go to the gym 3-4 times a week and when I don’t go I try to do something at home.  At the gym I split time between cardio and weights, making sure I get all the major muscle groups within the week.  I’ve realized that I’m really likely to skip ab day.  I don’t know why because abs are definitely something I want for my honeymoon, but doing ab work is boring I guess.  I like squatting and lifting heavy weights instead of laying on the floor trying to work my stomach.

I’m trying to overhaul my eating even more too.  That phrase “80% nutrition and 20% exercise” is true.  And I know that.  I make sure I have a fruit or vegetable at every meal.  When I snack I try to keep fruit clean and vegetables handy so I don’t go for something else.  I’ve been trying new recipes since I think I ate so much of the same stuff, my body started to acclimate and didn’t change.

This morning I made overnight oats again — this time apple and cinnamon.  I put oats, almond milk, chopped up apple, chia seeds, protein powder, honey, cinnamon, dash of nutmeg and vanilla in.  It’s really good.  Pretty filling too.  I made sure to add protein powder this time since Tuesday when I made them it didn’t have enough protein for my breakfast.

Maybe I’ll make a little reminder sign for the fridge so I when I try to get a snack I’ll see it and choose something better.

I don’t know, I know I shouldn’t complain because I’m in good health and I have money (well, sometimes) to buy good food — but it’s just a little discouraging when you work so hard and then don’t get results.  Actually that last phrase is the story of my life.  Ugh.

Well have a good day everyone! I’m gonna finish my coffee and hit the gym for as much as my knee can handle!


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