Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken from Pinterest

Tonight I tried a recipe I’ve had my eye on while browsing pinterest — Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken from Damn Delicious.

I work 3-8 pm usually, so I never really get to make dinner because J is hungry so he wants to eat before I get home at 8:45 and I don’t really want to cook that late either.  Then I would be eating at 10 pm and I would go on a hangry rampage before I would be able to wait until dinner is ready.

I would rather have a chicken thigh than a chicken breast — I think there is so much more flavor from the skin and the dark meat.  Don’t get me wrong I eat chicken breast all the time, but a good chicken thigh really gets me going.  However, J does not like them as much as I do, so I did half chicken thighs and some drums.  Drums taste quite a bit like thighs so he probably wouldn’t have even known.  Also I’ve cooked with thighs cut up in things and he’s never noticed, so maybe I can convert him.

The recipe was very easy.  The longest part was it cooking in the oven.  You’re supposed to make it on an oven safe skillet, but I don’t know if my pans are so I just transferred it to a pyrex container once it was done on the stove.

Pre-oven chicken

Pre-oven chicken

At first when I put the sauce on top, it was just in clumps and I was like great — this is not going to work.  But I just trusted the system and put them in the oven.  THANKFULLY it turned out great.  The brown sugar mixture melted in the oven and coated it beautifully.  I did flip it halfway through so both sides could bathe in it.

I really liked this chicken, it was easy and delicious.  I would recommend adding something salty like bacon to offset the sweetness a little and give it another element of flavor.  Also I would have added garlic to season it with the salt and pepper to give it even more of a salty flavor.  Next time I make it, I’ll have to experiment!



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