Today has been a pretty nice day.  J woke me up at 8:30 after he had already gone and checked the cows, and took me to breakfast.  I LOVE breakfast, but only one restaurant in town serves it so I was very thankful he woke me up and suggested it.  I was starving since we had a pretty small dinner (whoops, didn’t make enough) so I got the big breakfast. It was scrambled eggs, bacon, toast (which I didn’t eat, trying to spare some calories) and biscuits and gravy.  Also I guess they have a new cook so they gave us 2 biscuits. Talk about a big breakfast.  But it was so worth it. image1

Since we were done with breakfast so early I had the entire day to do what I wanted! J and I watched Slumdog Millionaire, which I’ve never seen and still don’t know if I totally understand it.  I guess it’s good to get watch something than my 10 go to movies. but what can I say? I like them.

The gym didn’t open until 1 pm so I had to wait, but I go there right at 1 so it wasn’t too croweded yet.  My knee is still making me nervous so I decided running may not be the smartest idea and I should to the elliptical instead.  Then lifted some heavy weights — gotta overload the muscles to see some gains!

I decided to wash the floors when I got home.  I don’t know if this is just a farm thing or a consequence of having a gravel driveway, but there is always dirt on the floor. ALWAYS.  I can sweep and then walk barefooted and there is more dirt.  WHERE DOES ALL THE DIRT COME FROM? It kills me.  I sweep everyday and I still get so annoyed by the dirt that sticks to my feet.

Octane and I are taking it easy before I go start dinner.  I’m trying a new spaghetti squash recipe tonight.  Last time I made spaghetti squash I tried to do carbonara but it turned out dreadfully bad.  J hated it.  And I know he’s not too fond of it but he eats it because he knows I like it.  God bless him.


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