Sorry I haven’t posted in a while friends.  I’ve had the post about the Italian Sausage Spaghetti Squash in my drafts for about a week now.  I didn’t even realize it, until I logged on today.  Sorry I kept that from you for so long.  But now you have it in your life.

I’ve been trying to cut out as many processed foods as I can, just to be a healthier person and because I have less than 6 months till the wedding!!! My sister has been doing low-carb for about 6 months and has lost quite a bit of weight.  From all of the nutrition education I’ve had, I’m not sure how I feel about the high-fat dairy all of the time and not sticking to the AMDR (acceptable macronutrient distribution range), but that’s a different story.  I’ve tried to do some research but I haven’t figured out my opinions yet.  Anyways, but I thought taking some notes from that book is a great way to cut out unwanted calories and chemicals in my food.  Like today, instead of a tuna sandwich or tuna on crackers, I cut a tomato in half and stuffed the tuna in there.  It was so good! And such a simple and healthy (and cheap) alternative.


Lets see, what else has been going on? My fiance and I went to Columbia the other day (the “big” city for shopping).  One of the side diamonds fell out of my engagement ring so we wanted to get it fixed and go shopping for wedding bands.  We thought we were just going to look, but I loved the one I found and he found one he loved so we ended up getting them.  My engagement ring has a small band, and the wedding band that goes with it is small, but I decided i wanted a thicker band.  I’ll post photos after the wedding — but for now it’s top secret!

I also wanted to go shopping (duh) and I ended up finding great shoes for under my wedding dress!! They’re just little 2 inch heels and I think they will be comfortable to wear that day.  I’m hoping to break them in over the next 5 and a half months so we’re good to go the day of! I also bought some small earrings for my wedding day. I’m wearing my hair up so I didn’t want too long of earrings, but I found some that go just to my jaw line, so I think they’ll be perfect.

J was getting a little bored of shopping after that (why do men hate shopping), so I bargained that I would run to target while he went and got some socks.  Little does he know you cannot just “run to target” — target is the main event where you spend most of what is in your bank account.  I only ended up buying some new sports bras and a dress.

We ended the day going out to eat before we left.  I got some tilapia with shrimp, since J doesn’t like fish so I don’t make it at home a lot.  It hit the spot.  Then I did the right thing and got green beans on the side.  Of course J got a burger and fries. Why can men eat what they want and it doesn’t matter? That drives me nuts!


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