Farm Fresh Eggs

I’ve been trying to convince J we should get chickens, but he is very against it.  It would be an investment of like $400-500 or so, which is not terrible for a lot of eggs.  Think, you buy a dozen eggs every week for $2.50, so it would even out eventually.  Especially if we sold them or even just gave them away to friends and family.

Anyways, his solution was to buy local eggs from a neighbor who does have chickens.  Ok yes, this is a better plan than mine.  And in the end we have farm fresh eggs which was the goal from the start.  All I do for these eggs is facebook message her, ask for however many I want.  If she has that many available, you leave money on your counter and she drops them off on her way to work.

As a former “city” gal (suburbs*), the thought of someone coming into my house and putting eggs in my fridge as I’m sleeping is still creepy to me.  But apparently it’s no big deal.  What do I know?

image1[1]I’ve buy some organic foods.  I try to buy organic from the dirty dozen when I can afford it.  But I’ve never really noticed a difference.

Eggs are the one thing I can actually notice a difference on when I buy fresh or from the store.  I’m not sure what it is but they are definitely creamier and more full of flavor.  I would choose a farm fresh egg any day over those wimpy store bought ones.

While we’re discussing eggs, lets talk about the yolks.  I know for quite a while, yolks have been deemed bad because they have a lot of cholesterol.  Luckily, they’ve decided against this since only some of the cholesterol in your body comes from the cholesterol in the foods you eat.  1 egg has 190 mg of cholesterol.  So say half of that is absorbed, maybe, you’re doing alright.  I’m not a doctor though so if (s)he says to stop eating as many eggs, maybe you should listen.

The yolk is where a lot of the vitamins are.  When you only eat the white, you’re missing out on those vitamins as well as protein.  I will admit, I do one egg and one egg white to fill me up a little more, but always eat the yolk.


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