Wedding dress shopping and Easter celebration

I’ve had an exciting past few days!

On Wednesday, I got the job offer I had been waiting for! We had interviewed a few times so I felt like they were interested, and I was so relieved to hear they were.  I’m very excited to get started with this company.  I did have to give my 2 weeks at my current position.  They weren’t too happy…apparently they had “big things” planned for me in the future, but I wasn’t going to work at a part time job I was overqualified for forever.  It was a great opportunity and job while it lasted though.  I have never quit a job before so it was very nerve-wracking but it’s done and over with so I learned how to do it!

Yesterday I went down to Kansas City to go wedding dress shopping with one of my friends.  There were 8 of us in a group — a lot of opinions were said! I always tried to ask what she thought about the dress before I rated it because I didn’t want to offend her.  Her sister and MOH brought small chalkboards and chalk we could all write our ratings from 1-10 on.  It was a really fun idea.  And she said yes to a beautiful dress at the second boutique we went to.  She’s going to be such a beautiful bride.  I’ll be sure to share a photo after her wedding.

I do have to say I was very nervous that she only bought her dress in early April.  I’m getting married 2 weeks before she is and I bought my dress in October.  I’m a planner though and she’s more of a go with the flow person so she’s not worried.  It’ll all work out.

We went to lunch at a local winery in KC that had AMAZING food.  I got a pork belly BLT with a fried egg (I kept it light with a side of fruit) but I would have easily ordered another if they would have let me.  We all got a wine flight so we could sample the new wines.  I got a white wine flight because I like white wine the best.  It had the house white, chardonnay, pino gris and savingon blanc.  The house white was my favorite but they were all excellent.  And I usually don’t like chardonnay. image1[2]  Most of the girls got the sparkling wine flight or dessert wine.  They were all excellent (we tried each others) but I knew if I got a bunch of flavors it would be too sweet for me.  In the dessert flight there was rhubarb with was excellent.  And in the sparkling there was almond, which you wouldn’t expect to be good but definitely was.
Today we was Easter, but we kept it pretty casual.  We started off the day by celebrating with mimosas (ok I celebrated) then we went to J’s dad’s side for lunch.  They had all the usuals: ham, potatoes, beans.  Nothing special, but it was all good.  I don’t know that side as well so it was kind of hard to to think of things to talk about.  Plus most of his cousin’s have small kids so when you do talk to them they are distracted by their children during the conversation or they only want to talk about them and I don’t have much to contribute to that conversation.

J and I always joke about how we’re not ready for kids, well today one of the babies was getting changed and the dirty diaper happened to be near him so he was saying to get it away.  Then as they were all joking about it, the baby spit up right behind him and got on his chair.  He couldn’t even clean it up because he was so grossed out.  It was so funny and definitely proved out point! Maybe everyone will stop asking now!

Well Happy Easter everyone! I’m going to drink another mimosa because I don’t want the champagne to go flat and go to waste.  Have a great day!



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