Body building

“You can really see your tummy tone when you godzilla yawn like that” – My loving fiance this morning.

We were laying in bed trying to avoid waking up, pretty much just playing with Octane (our cat).  He recently figured out going under the covers which is just hilarious and now another thing we like to brag about him.

But anyways, J doesn’t work out, he doesn’t really ask me about my work out, but he is very supportive.  He knows how hard I work and how I’m trying to lose weight and tone up for the wedding.  So his compliment was very nice and heart-felt.

I posted a few weeks ago about my fitness rut.  I’ve been working out even more since I moved here since the wedding is really sneaking up on me (5 months and 2 days away) but haven’t been getting the results I had been hoping for.  My health is good, which I know is a big reason to work out in the first place, but I wanted physical results like more muscle tone and fat loss.

I decided to change directions and found, which has great (and free) programs that you can cater to you.  I got to chose between muscle gain, fat loss or transformation.  I chose transformation because I figured that would be a mixture of muscle gain and fat loss, a combination that would give me the results I hope to have. I decided on Lee Labrada’s 12 week lean body.  This breaks down days into bicep/back/cardio, triceps/chest/shoulder, leg/abs, and active recovery day.

I have really liked it so far.  Each day is different and lasts about 45 minutes, which works for my schedule.  It combines dumbbells, barbells and weight machines for variety.  For cardio, it gives you the option of doing whichever cardio works for you, just as long as its in intervals (like changing resistance). You are supposed to do it everyday, but unfortunately my schedule and my gym hours don’t allow that so I have been doing on the days I can and it’s been working well.  It’s nice because there’s also an app you can download and track your workout (sets and reps) while at the gym.

I also got 2 swimsuits I ordered in the mail for the honeymoon today and I tried them on and was happy with how it looked today.  I’m not going to be a swimsuit model anytime soon, but as long as I’m happy when I’m on that beach in Mexico in 5 months, I’m good.

What has helped you out of your fitness rut?


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