Today has been a pretty nice day.  J woke me up at 8:30 after he had already gone and checked the cows, and took me to breakfast.  I LOVE breakfast, but only one restaurant in town serves it so I was very thankful he woke me up and suggested it.  I was starving since we had a pretty small dinner (whoops, didn’t make enough) so I got the big breakfast. It was scrambled eggs, bacon, toast (which I didn’t eat, trying to spare some calories) and biscuits and gravy.  Also I guess they have a new cook so they gave us 2 biscuits. Talk about a big breakfast.  But it was so worth it. image1

Since we were done with breakfast so early I had the entire day to do what I wanted! J and I watched Slumdog Millionaire, which I’ve never seen and still don’t know if I totally understand it.  I guess it’s good to get watch something than my 10 go to movies. but what can I say? I like them.

The gym didn’t open until 1 pm so I had to wait, but I go there right at 1 so it wasn’t too croweded yet.  My knee is still making me nervous so I decided running may not be the smartest idea and I should to the elliptical instead.  Then lifted some heavy weights — gotta overload the muscles to see some gains!

I decided to wash the floors when I got home.  I don’t know if this is just a farm thing or a consequence of having a gravel driveway, but there is always dirt on the floor. ALWAYS.  I can sweep and then walk barefooted and there is more dirt.  WHERE DOES ALL THE DIRT COME FROM? It kills me.  I sweep everyday and I still get so annoyed by the dirt that sticks to my feet.

Octane and I are taking it easy before I go start dinner.  I’m trying a new spaghetti squash recipe tonight.  Last time I made spaghetti squash I tried to do carbonara but it turned out dreadfully bad.  J hated it.  And I know he’s not too fond of it but he eats it because he knows I like it.  God bless him.


Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken from Pinterest

Tonight I tried a recipe I’ve had my eye on while browsing pinterest — Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken from Damn Delicious.

I work 3-8 pm usually, so I never really get to make dinner because J is hungry so he wants to eat before I get home at 8:45 and I don’t really want to cook that late either.  Then I would be eating at 10 pm and I would go on a hangry rampage before I would be able to wait until dinner is ready.

I would rather have a chicken thigh than a chicken breast — I think there is so much more flavor from the skin and the dark meat.  Don’t get me wrong I eat chicken breast all the time, but a good chicken thigh really gets me going.  However, J does not like them as much as I do, so I did half chicken thighs and some drums.  Drums taste quite a bit like thighs so he probably wouldn’t have even known.  Also I’ve cooked with thighs cut up in things and he’s never noticed, so maybe I can convert him.

The recipe was very easy.  The longest part was it cooking in the oven.  You’re supposed to make it on an oven safe skillet, but I don’t know if my pans are so I just transferred it to a pyrex container once it was done on the stove.

Pre-oven chicken

Pre-oven chicken

At first when I put the sauce on top, it was just in clumps and I was like great — this is not going to work.  But I just trusted the system and put them in the oven.  THANKFULLY it turned out great.  The brown sugar mixture melted in the oven and coated it beautifully.  I did flip it halfway through so both sides could bathe in it.

I really liked this chicken, it was easy and delicious.  I would recommend adding something salty like bacon to offset the sweetness a little and give it another element of flavor.  Also I would have added garlic to season it with the salt and pepper to give it even more of a salty flavor.  Next time I make it, I’ll have to experiment!


Fitness rut

I’m in a rut.

I have less than 6 months until my wedding and we officially booked the honeymoon, but I have not seen any of the results from my training program I had planned on by now.  I’ve been set back a little bit with my knee injury this week, but I make sure I’m watching what I eat even more since I can’t go to the gym.  I don’t want to do anything crazy, I just wanted to lose 10 pounds and a little ‘jiggle’ — so far my progress is 2 pounds.  I know muscle weighs more than fat, and I think I have definitely gained muscle and lost fat, but I should have also lost some weight.  I didn’t have that much muscle to start with.

I go to the gym 3-4 times a week and when I don’t go I try to do something at home.  At the gym I split time between cardio and weights, making sure I get all the major muscle groups within the week.  I’ve realized that I’m really likely to skip ab day.  I don’t know why because abs are definitely something I want for my honeymoon, but doing ab work is boring I guess.  I like squatting and lifting heavy weights instead of laying on the floor trying to work my stomach.

I’m trying to overhaul my eating even more too.  That phrase “80% nutrition and 20% exercise” is true.  And I know that.  I make sure I have a fruit or vegetable at every meal.  When I snack I try to keep fruit clean and vegetables handy so I don’t go for something else.  I’ve been trying new recipes since I think I ate so much of the same stuff, my body started to acclimate and didn’t change.

This morning I made overnight oats again — this time apple and cinnamon.  I put oats, almond milk, chopped up apple, chia seeds, protein powder, honey, cinnamon, dash of nutmeg and vanilla in.  It’s really good.  Pretty filling too.  I made sure to add protein powder this time since Tuesday when I made them it didn’t have enough protein for my breakfast.

Maybe I’ll make a little reminder sign for the fridge so I when I try to get a snack I’ll see it and choose something better.

I don’t know, I know I shouldn’t complain because I’m in good health and I have money (well, sometimes) to buy good food — but it’s just a little discouraging when you work so hard and then don’t get results.  Actually that last phrase is the story of my life.  Ugh.

Well have a good day everyone! I’m gonna finish my coffee and hit the gym for as much as my knee can handle!

Overnight Oats

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! Remember to wear green or else you’ll get pinched!

I love oatmeal.  Back in college oatmeal was a staple for any meal that I didn’t have the money to make anything else.  You can make it however you want! My favorite is maple brown sugar.  I usually eat the instant, but using rolled oats, it’s pretty good as well.  I meant to take a picture but then I ended up eating it all first. Whoops.

Last night I made a container of overnight oats for the first time.  These mason jars of oatmeal have been all over my pinterest page, so I thought I need to try it once and for all.  I used 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup almond milk, strawberries (smashed a little bit) and chia seeds and put it in the fridge to be ready in the morning.  And unlike all the pinterest pictures and recipes, I did not have a mason jar so I just used a glass snapware.  Maybe I should invest in mason jars?  But then this morning I added a little more milk and maple syrup to sweeten it up a little.

You’re supposed to keep them cold and just eat as is, but my fridge is way too cold so I heated it up for 30 seconds.  Then I added even more strawberries on top.  I love strawberries!

The oats I made had about 315 calories, 55 g carbs (12 g fiber), 9 g fat & 10 g protein.  That’s not too bad.  I would like to add more protein to my next creation.  Oats fill me up but my protein goal for the day is 70 g so only eating 10 at breakfast could make it more challenging at other meals.  Maybe adding protein powder?  I saw a lot of recipes with nuts in them so I’m going to try them too.  So many options!

This afternoon I’m going to do a light workout (can’t do much with my knee still hurting) then I have an interview (cross your fingers for me)!!  After that a friend is going to have a BBQ with burgers, brats and beer.  Only the beer makes it St. Pat’s theme but we’re not picky — as long as there is a reason to drink beer! Haha!

What are overnight oat flavors you like?


Moving the Gate

Yesterday J and I went to St. Louis over the weekend to do some wedding planning and to hang out with my family…Also so we could shop, which we did a lot of.  J got some great deals at the outlet malls on swim trunks for the honeymoon.

When we got back home to the farm I decided to go help him move some gates so they could move the calves tomorrow.  I thought I was just being helpful and it would be fun.  When we were done we were going to go fishing.  The plan went as it should, aside from one, painful little detail.  The gate fell on me.  Knocked me in the head and crushed me to the ground.  I don’t remember a lot of it.  J pulled the gate up and I crawled out.  Then he was trying to help me walk over to sit down but my legs kept giving out and I couldn’t walk.  Eventually we made it out to the ledge so I could sit down.  But man, it took a good 10 minutes for me to feel comfortable even sitting up straight.  The very heavy gate hit me on the head, then as I fell, landed on my collar bone.  I held a lot of the weight on my quad, which is good because those are very strong.  However, my knee was twisted inward.

We ended up still going fishing — we didn’t catch anything though.  When we got home and started getting ready for dinner I could definitely start feeling sore and bruises coming on.  Little did I know that things would get worse this morning.  I can barely put any weight on my knee.  I can bend it and straighten it, but I can’t really walk.  Guess I’ll bring out the old RICE tactic and if it doesn’t get better in the next few days, go to the doctor.

Hope you all had a better weekend than me.


J and I finally registered last week.  He had to take an entire day off work to go with me — I can’t wait until planning gets more intense and if he wants a say he’ll have to leave the cows by themselves for a day.

We registered at both Bed, Bath & Beyond and Kohl’s.  We have most of the basic kitchen and bathroom stuff in our house already, but our $10 Wal-Mart appliances could definitely use an upgrade.  We ended up registering for most things  you would expect on a registry, plus some things that matched our personalities.

Before you go I think it’s important to make a list of things you need to register for, so you don’t forget anything.  I looked on websites like the knot, wedding wire and macy’s to get pre-made lists and then drafted a list that fit my needs.  And it’s important to think about the future.  We probably don’t need a stock pot this year, but in 5 years, that could be very helpful.  I’ve never used a food processor but I’m constantly finding recipes that require it so I registered for one.

J and I had also discussed the styles of appliances and kitchen wares we wanted.  We decided to go with black appliances instead of stainless steel if the choice came.  We also decided we didn’t want a rustic or modern look, but more of a classic style.  We’re definitely more classic people and rustic is way to done up here.

It took us about 2.5 hours at Bed, Bath & Beyond. I think we spent an hour and a half of that in the kitchen section.  There are so many things — my goodness.  It’s not just pots and pans and toasters.  It’s salad bowls, cake pans, muffin tins, cutting boards, slotted spoons, colanders, strainers and many, many more things.  I hope we can find room for all of that in our kitchen!

I was always a little nervous about putting something if it was a little pricey, but the manager of the store told us not to worry and register for what we want because after that many items, it will work out so there’s something in every price range.  J also made sure that I registered for what I wanted without worrying.  Like I really wanted the ninja blender with the single serving cup as well that was like $140 but I use my blender most days and its fantastic so he got me to just go for it.  He got to register for things he wanted too — like one of those vacuum that just rolls around on it’s own.  They’re $400 so if anyone gets it, I’ll be shocked, but it would actually be very nice.  When J gets home from the farm there is ALWAYS dirt on the floor.  I actually sweep the floor everyday.

For the all important plates and bowls, we decided to go for 10 place settings.  We thought 8 may be too few if we start having a family, but when are we ever going to use 12 plates.  Plus then we won’t have to run the dishwasher as much.

We agreed on a blue scheme for the kitchen and a green & gold theme for the bathroom.  We found really pretty mercury glass bathroom accessories like the soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, etc.  I think it’s gonna go well.  And that’ll mean maybe I can convince J to let me paint the bathroom!

If anyone out there has registered and has any tips or suggestions for things we may have missed, PLEASE let me know so we don’t forget anything!

Waiting for my interview

Ugh I’m so bad at blogging.  I just feel like I have nothing to say, but I guess I should just blog about nothing because that’s what blogging is for.  Oh man I don’t know.

I have a phone interview in about 30 minutes so I’m just sitting here trying to calm my nerves…I maybe should prepare for the interview but I read the job posting and don’t really know that much about it so I guess I’ll just wing it.  This is my second interview this week, unfortunately not for the same job.  I’m waiting to hear about the first interview I had, but since it’s been 4 days now, I have a feeling I didn’t get it.  Ugh.  Pray for me that I find a new job.  A full time job.  That’s all I want.

I’m sipping on a good smoothie this morning — spinach, blueberries, chia seeds and milk.  I added a little apple cider vinegar because apparently it’s supposed to be world changing, but it really adds unwanted flavor to my fruit and veggie creation.

I’ve also decided I’m going to add a “pin in real life” tab to this blog.  I try recipes and crafts quite a bit, but there’s no place to review them or share them.  I thought it would be a good idea!!  I know not everyone will agree with my review of them, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  And I always love people suggestions to improve something I tired or for new things.

Keep it real folks,